Bitcoin crash to $30,000 then a $24,000 retest is coming

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      It looks from the technical analysis of the BTC/USD trading charts over the last couple of months that a major crash to $24,000 is coming for the price of Bitcoin.

      Bitcoin double topped at $40K, now it has double topped at $38K with the forceful rejection of 38K a couple hours ago.

      I called for this drop to 24k once before and it has made a few significant falls but found temporary support at $30K for now.

      The price trend now is downwards quick and I do not believe that $30K will hold as support on this next drop.

      This is a big short opportunity for those who have the risk tolerance and boldness to do so.

      Full Disclaimer: I have a short position in Bitcoin and am looking to start closing it around $26,700 and below.




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