Avoid FortuneJack at all cost – $120,000 scam.

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      FortuneJack is gaining notoriety for stealing winnings from customers, especially large bettors. They recently stole $120,000 from a player claiming he had bet on identical markets in the same event.

      This is utterly disgusting. A reputable crypto sportsbook like Stake would never wait to see if a bet wins or loses before canceling it. And on what planet is “Full tIme result” the same as “who will win the rest of the match”?

      be careful guys…. This casino cum sportsbook will screw you out of your hard earned winnings. They paid out just one of 4 bets – €95,000. from a total of €200,000 in winnings. The rumor is that they may not have the funds to pay out big winnings but they’re happy to accept large bets in the hope that gamblers lose it all to them.


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