yabtcl casino lottery

Yabtcl Online Lottery

Provably Fair Lottery System

Among the primary selling points of the website is the fairness of its lottery system. The platform is verified making it trustworthy and safe.

An hour and a half before each draw, YABTCL creates a file, which includes all the tickets which were contained in that scheduled draw. The SHA256 file hash gets time stamped and checked, and later on, will be used as the base for the winning numbers to be drawn. To boost the YABTCL security system, all winning tickets are printed when the preferred block has had six verification. This process makes it one of the most secure online lottery websites’ today.

Overview of YABTCL online lottery

Simple and Rewarding Gameplay

There’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t play this lottery game. Though it might not look as entertaining as other popular Bitcoin casino games, the lottery provides an original experience that’s topped by jackpot prizes.

To be able to raise your odds of winning higher payouts, it is necessary to buy more tickets. Buying one lottery ticket is great, but it definitely isn’t better than buying several tickets at once to increase your odds of winning. Actually, you’ll be able to purchase up to 1,000 tickets all at once via text mode or tickets mode.

The cost of the ticket varies based on the total number it contains. For a ticket that’s six numbers, you only have to pay 0.001 Bitcoins (BTC). You can also purchase a ticket with 16 numbers, which will be the maximum amount a ticket you can buy. This will cost you 8.008 BTC.

Once you’ve purchased your favorite tickets, you’ll simply have to await the draw dates, which take place every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Auto play mode

YABTCL has also got an Auto Play alternative with some settings. When you begin a game with AutoPlay switched on, it’ll cease only when you select the “Stop” button or when any fixed configuration in the AutoPlay settings is satisfied.

A table will be displayed with the number of rounds played if auto play is switched on: the present stake value, your winnings and the maximum profit in the present game.

Simple Account Management

This Bitcoin lottery website encourages players to subscribe for an account, and simply asks for a password, the users Bitcoin wallet address, and a login name. Luckily, playing without an account is permitted and can be done by sending funds for each ticket to the posted address.

Though many Bitcoin casinos don’t need players to sign up and only offer it as an alternative, signing up for an account on YABTCL will prove to be of exceptional valuable. Simply by supplying a password, a Bitcoin wallet address, and a login name, you’ll not only have a lot of chances to win the jackpot, but you’ll additionally have the ability to gain more through its investment and referral systems.

For those that would rather stay anonymous, there isn’t any need to feel pressured into doing something which is against your will because playing the lottery game is possible without an account.

Great banking and payment processing

Depositing and withdrawing bitcoins is not difficult, but don’t expect it to be instant all the time. Deposits need to be verified, but you can use your unconfirmed balance to purchase tickets immediately. Cashing out, on the other hand, must satisfy the minimum withdrawal amount of 0.00005430 BTC.

Bitcoin Games

Provably fair lottery system is definitely among the most prominent features offered by YABTCL. It ensures dependability through the use of a simple yet powerful process that starts an hour and a half hour before each draw. The SHA256 file generated for the draw is only published after the chosen block has had six confirmations.

It should be noted, however, that every draw gives six different amounts from a total of 67 numbers. Like how regular lottery games function, you’re automatically eligible for winning the jackpot once your ticket has reached all the drawn numbers. In the event that just several numbers in your ticket came up, you’re still eligible to receive payouts, as long as the ticket reaches at two out of the six amounts drawn.

Software features and graphics

An established software platform powers YABTCL. Aesthetically speaking, its website hasn’t that much to offer. Nevertheless, when it comes to user-friendliness, YABTCL ranks over the top. The user interface and user experience is a great one, especially for first timers.

On YABTCL, you’ll be given exact advice on the best way to begin a match, the information you must remember, as well as other critical details that will help you advance in Bitcoin lottery. Additionally, you’ll be provided with real-time upgrades of the preceding and present draws. If you reasonably lack basic lottery expertise, YABTCL will make you comfortable, and you’ll feel like an expert with its powerful system.

Withdrawals and Deposit

You can even expect easy money management with YABTCL. In the end, it sticks to Bitcoin’s straightforward and prompt trading attributes. Depositing funds or purchasing tickets for non-registered members need a two verification system. Withdrawing funds, on the other hand, should satisfy the minimal quantity of 0.0000543 BTC.

Customer support

For queries, problems, and suggestions, YABTCL’s customer support section can be contacted via e-mail. Unfortunately, this website doesn’t have live chat support, which would have enhanced the overall gaming experience here.

Final thoughts

YABTCL may simply be another Bitcoin lottery website, but this brand is certainly composed of the best combination of qualities that ensure a trustworthy environment and a rewarding gaming experience. So, if you need to play lottery, just do it and wager your bitcoins with this platform.