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Wink Win Casino

Games give a way to escape from reality for a given amount of time. Wink Win Casino allow people to feel something that doesn’t come naturally. The feelings of exhilaration or excitement come from winning in a game, most of the time just simply playing a favorite game. When it comes to casino games this great feeling seems as though it is magnified. That feeling of exhilaration seems to strike to the core when you win at a casino game. There are great casino games online that make it so one doesn’t have to leave the home to be able to feel that exhilaration. That same feeling can be felt from the comfort of the home. One such casino is

There are generous promotions to say the least. There is a special welcome bonus for those who sign up. Whatever amount is chosen to be deposited, in different currencies, Wink Win will match that and add it to your credit in your account. That is a generous offer and then some. Not many companies are willing to match what is deposited right when you sign up. This bonus of theirs is called, “100% Welcome Deposit Bonus”. Granted this only is given up to a $200 U.S maximum, but this is still rather great. It doesn’t just end there, they have several other specials, or promotions some might call them. Another such wonder is called “Monday Madness”. Wink Win will double what is deposited on mondays, up to a $50 U.S maximum. That is yet another generous offer from Wink Win. To top it off they have 2 other weekly specials called “Weekly Surprise” and “Game of the Day! Free spins every Wednesday!”.

These are both pretty much what they sound like. For being a loyal Wink Win customer a special weekly surprise will be dropped in the account. This one is their awesome “Weekly Surprise” promotion. The “Game of the Day! Free spins every Wednesday!” gives you free spins on a given game on every single Wednesday of the month, ‘on the house’.

First off, there are several great categories on Wink Win, meaning game categories. The first one is what many think of first when they think of casinos. That’s right, slots. Slots are a very fun and rather addictive way to have fun in the casino. One could watch the wheels roll forever as they put credits in and reap the rewards as they come spilling out of the machine. This is very similar to how Wink Win is except it is in virtual credits of course. These slots have all sorts of themes for many different crowds, from video game themes to cute little animals. There are literally dozens of different slots games, seriously.

There are also jackpots on Wink Win. Maybe it is not too clear on what those are. It is similar to slots in the sense that small intervals are put in at once, but the rewards can be much higher that those of slots. With about a dozen different themes for jackpots, it is easy to find a favorite one.

There are also about seven different scratch games available, with games like keno and virtual racing. This is a different category in itself. Each game will differ from the other. They are games that are better learned about by experience from each.
A hot category is the casino and live category that have live casino games and matches. This is the category that roulette, craps, poker, and other similar games would be found. These games are unique in their own way. The first reason is because they are full on casino games that have been classics for decades. The second reason that these games are different is that players are live in the sessions. This creates an extraordinarily fun time and much friendly competition.

The final category is very inviting because there are so many great games with so many fun themes. This category is the mobile category. Dozens and dozens of games are piled into this category. These games are fun to play on the go, hence while they are mobile.
Under the featured category, there are many great games. This category includes games from each category that have been seen to be popular. Wish Upon a Jackpot, Premier Roulette, Multi-hand Classic Blackjack Gold, Foxin Wins, Gonzo Quest, Tomb Raider- Secret of the Sword, Mega Money Rush, NRVNA, and Gorilla Go Wild are just a small number of these great featured games on Wink Win.