William Hill Casino

William Hill Casino was established in 1934. Though it has quite a few decades of experience in the gambling world, it did not appear online until 2009. The William Hill Casino actually combines three casinos. Gamers are able to enjoy entertainment from Vegas Casino, Live Casino, and Bonus Casino, all under one site. This casino is able to provide guests with access to the Vegas Casino, Live Casino, and Bonus casino Playtech. Playtech is the software company that powers the site. Thanks to Playtech players are able to quickly access a variety of games and enjoy state-of-the art graphics and sounds.

Gamers are able to enjoy over 200 games at this particular casino. To gain access to the games, guests can easily download the William Hill Casino software to their computer or laptop. If the player does not wish to download the software then he or she would be able to enjoy the games without downloading thanks to the instant play flash mode. In addition to having access to this casino on a computer or laptop and can also be played on a mobile device.

Regardless of which interface a guest using to play at the William Hill Casino, they will be happy to know that security and fair play are important to this site. This casino has taken the necessary steps to test and evaluate their games to make sure that they are fair to play and that they provide fair payouts. The dedication that this casino has to its guests also helps to ensure that their financial transactions and personal information is protected from hackers


Included in the 200 plus games offered through the William Hill Casino, there is a range of video slot game that players can enjoy. This casino offers a range of slots including those that have comic or movie themes, 3 reel slots progressive slots, or even 5 reel slots.

Progressive slots are a favorite among the guests because they can truly change a person’s life. Winning the jackpot of a progressive slot can turn an average player into a millionaire instantly.

Table Games

If you are not a fan of video slots then don’t worry table game are also available. Guests are able to be entertained by traditional games such as poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, keno, baccarat, and more. Various versions of these games are available to players. So regardless of the which type of poker you are accustomed to playing or enjoy playing, the William Hill Casino will more than likely have that version available to you. Also, some of these table games are now offered with a live dealer. Live dealer games are separated into their own room so that you are aware that your table game is being played with the addition of a live dealer.


William Hill Casino provides players with two opportunities to take part in their Welcome Bonus. The Welcome Bonus is one of the most popular bonuses offered through the site. With this bonus players are able to receive a 100% match on their first deposit. This 100% match bonus is eligible for deposits made between 35 GBP and 150 GBP. The bonus is continued even on the second deposit. A person is able to receive a 75% match up to 100 GBP for deposits made from 35 GBP.

Another promotion that has been utilized by this casino is the “refer a friend” program. Members are able to receive a handsome reward in the event that they refer someone that they know to the site. This reward gives a $50 bonus to the member and his or her friend under this referral program.

VIP Rewards

William Hill has a program to reward players for their loyalty. With this VIP program, members are able to gain points as they play. The points build up in the account of the member until they are exchanged for credits. These credits can be used during game play.
William Hill also has a VIP club that has four tiers. This 4-tiered club gives players the chance to receive a range of privileges as well as extra rewards. These extras can include quicker withdrawals, increased value on points when you exchange them for credits.

The Vegas Casino offers month to month rewards in light of the amount you bet from the earliest starting point of the month to the end of the month. There are 20 levels which you can strive for, each requiring a higher aggregate sum of wagering. The higher your level is toward the end of the month, the greater your money reward. Level 1 is achieved when the player’s wages equal 1,000 GBP and allows a player to receive a 10 GBP bonus. Players who achieve Tier 20 get the greatest reward of 20,000 GBP. In any case, to begin with, they would need to bet 5,000,000 GBP!

Withdrawal and deposits

The William Hill Casino cares about its members and how quickly and securely they access their money. Thanks to a highly secure and advanced encryption technology, members the data collected from its members are protected. This secure casino not only helps the information of member to remain safe but also makes it easy to deposit and withdraw money on the site. Members are able to add money to their care with a variety of depositing options such as utilizing credit card, bank transfers, or even PayPal. The same options that are available for depositing money can be used to withdraw funds.


Overall, the William Hill Casino has about seven years of creating satisfied customers. Their innovative site allow players to be entertained for hours. Members are also able to stay constantly entertained due to the games that are available. Slot and table games are available for safe, secure, and fair playing. With the help of the promotions and rewards available, members are able to increase their chances of playing with the assistance of credits that can be used to make wagers during their favorite games.