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Thunderluck Casino

Striking down bolts of lightning followed by the victorious sound of thunder; this is the feeling when gaming at the ThunderLuck online casino. Maximize winning potential with this high-tech online establishment. Taking advantage of the latest technology in online gaming is just one way that ThiunderLuck gets the consumer as close to a real casino as possible. Their continuous strivings to high customer service and intense gaming action show through in shining colors across their platform. Time to take a deeper look into the casino and see what really makes them stand out.

ThunderLuck has implemented the Viper version of Microgaming software which carries all sorts of benefits for the user. The player can now set their playing strategy and Autoplay tendencies to put their account in Expert mode. This allows gaming to occur automatically without even being near a computer or mobile device. The Viper technology also gives the users in-depth statistical analysis reports on winnings, playing strategies and other such useful information. A third feature is the Casino Mail technology that allows the user to communicate with support staff in an immediate sense within the casino. All of these special features at one’s fingertips allow for a much more efficient playing strategy and a more comfortable environment.

Gaming at ThunderLuck is just as fun as the intrigue of the software in play. The casino features a total of 130 different gaming options. Options include table games, slots, video poker and craps to name just a few. The user can start their experience via a downloading the casino or using the Quick Play option. The Quick Play method limits the selection of games available to the user, but it provides a platform to hone in on skills and strategies to use at the real casino. Downloading the real play software is rather simple and only involves the use of clicking a link. Once downloaded, the user can either play as a guest or a real player. Guest mode always the user to play all of the games without having to front any cash to do so. Real play is for those who have committed their practice time and are ready to take their gaming to the next level.

As mentioned previously, the use has 130 different games to choose from. Live table games and poker tournaments headline the non-slot area of the casino. The user can implement the Viper technology to increase their bets automatically given a certain hand or after certain odds are made known to them. Using a strategy rather then sitting down and clicking through hands and rolls can be a little strenuous on some players so live playing is also there for the user to take advantage of. ThunderLuck does their best to ensure that all playing styles can be met in any way.

Slot games also encompass a large portion of the casino. The best 2D and 3D versions are made available to the user via the latest Microgaming releases. Their technology ensures that the casino is constantly changing to meet new trends and create for new opportunities for taking home some winnings. Some slots feature progressive jackpots and others feature interactive bonus reels. Graphics and sounds are always up to par at Thunder Luck. The user can enjoy the experience with classic slot games or the newest releases to the online market place.

Promotions also headline another section of the ThunderLuck homepage. The user can sign up for real play and upon their first deposit they will receive 50% of that deposit in free playing credits. The limit is set to 100 euros and there is no requirement that needs to be reached to release these free credits. Simple make a first deposit and wait up to 24 hours for the credits to be added. Special offers lurk in the wings on a monthly and seasonal basis, so check back often to ensure that all available offers reach your account’s bankroll.

This casino meets all standards necessary from the Malta Gaming Agency. Fair play and reliability are also a concern for the casino which is why they have implemented technology via sources like PlayCheck and eCOGRA. These sources ensure that the fun can be continuous and fair for all users at all times. A dedicated 24/7 support staff is also at the hand of the user whenever they may need it. View the ‘About Us’ tab to learn a little more about the casino and their efforts to ensure an amazing experience for all.

This casino really has it all. Hands-free gaming for strategic players or live gaming for those who anticipate the action. A large amount of gaming options creates a variety in just the right amount. An excellent promotional team and bonus offers for the avid player make for a nice touch. Get started at Thunder Luck today and strike down force in the name of large cash payouts.