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Bitcoin Slots

Bitcoin Casino Slots are a fun new way to pay slot machines online. The benefits of playing slots games for bitcoins instead of money are pretty obvious. Bitcoin slots are legal to play because bitcoins are not considered money. Making payments with bitcoins is a lot cheaper than it is with credit cards and bank wire transfers. The bitcoin payment protocol is distributed over the blockchain through a series of Ledgers containing payment details. Sending and receiving bitcoins are also much faster for depositing and withdrawing winnings thank the traditional banking system. Bitcoin.Casino is developing a list of the largest BTC jackpots one to date. We are also putting together a list of the largest BTC casino jackpots currently available online. Anyone considering playing online slots at bitcoin casinos should the casino accountable to to the highest quality standards for software fairness, game payouts, 24/7 customer support via toll-free phone, email and live chat. Below is our list of trusted bitcoin casino reviews updated 4/8/2017.

Trusted Bitcoin Casinos

PLUS – Free Slot Machines to play.

Count Spectacular (link to Counter Spectacular page)

Mr Vegas (link Mr Vegas game page)

Starburst (link to Starburst game page)


PLUS no deposit free spins offers –

qualified bitcoin casinos with free spins offers direct links to free spins pages


How bitcoins are different?

Bitcoins are not recognized as a currency and this makes them easier to spend than traditional currencies since there are less restrictions which apply to them. This is making Bitcoin casinos become even more popular now that these new casinos accepting only bitcoins are able to purchase advertisements ad not available to casinos accepting fiat currencies. With an increased online presence and faster and cheaper fees Bitcoin online casino sites are likely to grow rapidly in the coming years.

Choosing a Bitcoin Wallet

A bitcoin wallet is the first step of playing slots with BTC online. Having a secure wallet is the most important factor to consider. For this reason two key wallets and backed up offline wallets are highly recommended as they’re the most secure. Make sure to read their terms and conditions and choose a wallet that does not have restrictions on casinos/gaming. You can find more information on our bitcoin wallet guide.

Bitcoins & Taxes

The IRS is currently investigating Bitcoin for potential tax cheats and money launderers as reported by Fortune. The extent of this is unknown however if you’ve earned income with bitcoins (gambling included) you are required to report it and pay taxes. After the price skyrocketing in 2015 & 2016 and only 800 people claiming bitcoin income on their taxes this official IRS investigation was announced. If you live somewhere outside the United States you probably are required to pay taxes on bitcoin income. The People’s Bank of China announced their own investigation into bitcoin in of 2017. That investigation sent the price of Bitcoin plummeting from $1,300 to $850 but it has since recovered around $1,125  as of April 5, 2017. The bottom line with taxes is you must claim income from bitcoins and this includes capital gains earnings through the BTC price appreciation or BTC jackpot/casino winnings. In land based casinos all slots jackpots winnings over $1,200 are required to pay taxes.