safedice casino


The look and feel of SafeDice stands alone, from the color schemes and typeface to the simple but engaging animations, this dice play site is visually stunning. Those who have played online dice sites will generally share the same thoughts about the visual appearance of these sites, which is not all that exciting. The aesthetic appeal of SafeDice just simply must be seen to be appreciated.

The straightforward and easy to navigate aspect of SafeDice is another noteworthy and defining characteristic of SafeDice. The base play of the game in not unlike others, and in addition to the ease of use the responsiveness and transparency of the site make it a favorable place for dice players. The process is not unfamiliar to dice players, deposit, bet amount and then choosing the betting option (Hi or Lo), and then rolling the dice. The familiarity of the game will resonate with players, this comfort along with the stylish and slick interface will have players smiling and coming back.

Features of SafeDice include, anonymous registration, a real-time off-chain betting system, quick deposits and withdrawals in addition to allowing players the option invest in the game or provide the actual bankroll. Security of account and transactions is of the highest priority and creates a fun gaming environment without worry.

The greatest noise being created by SafeDice stems from the variable house edge system. That word variable indicates exactly that, a house edge that defaults to 0.5% (this alone has created a buzz), and that house edge can be bumped to 1% for players that wage bigger. Any player that bets enough to set the Max Win amount to exceed .25% of the bankroll triggers the increased house edge.

The bonuses and rewards offered at SafeDice isn’t to go without notice either, as Safe Dice affords many benefits to its players. The initial bonus for players will begin the moment they register as SafeDice offers a sign up bonus, which is followed by a first deposit bonus. Reload bonuses and rewards like referral programs are other benefits given to dice players.

Everyone everywhere can play SafeDice, and the site offers dice play in the English, Russian and Chinese languages. This doesn’t present a security concern, however, as accounts and transactions are secured using SSL encryption and a two-factor authentication known as 2FA. Support for players also deliver peace of mind, and will address technical, administrative and financial issues that may arise. The primary medium for support can be located at, and there is also an official bitcointalk thread to seek answers.

SafeDice is also mobile friendly and available on smartphone or tablet devices. Loading the SafeDice program to a device is easy and SafeDice will automatically adjust to fit the device being used. The feel and look of this exciting dice play site should please mobile users while allowing them to play on the go.

The game of Dice has been around for a very long time, and there are dice playing fans around the world. SafeDice doesn’t change the game, it changes the experience. Creating a safe, fun and attractive arena for game play on a reliable and responsive site is the goal of SafeDice. The bonuses and promotions only add to the allure of playing a game that has entertained countless numbers throughout the years.

As a player or an investor (e.g. supplying bank roll), the opportunity to make money while doing something that brings fun and excitement makes for a win-win situation. There is even an option to play SafeDice without making a deposit for those who want to “test drive” the site first. For those who are ready to play, SafeDice permits two types of currencies (these are cryptocurrencies), bitcoins (BTC) and moneros (XMR), which will be selected at game play time.