Ruby Fortune

Last night a player went online and found this fantastic new place where they can play games on their mobile phone or tablet. They instantly go mobile with most any operating system on the market. Browsing through the menu they will find a few things that are very exciting so the player tries them out. Instantly he or she is hooked on Ruby Fortune slots and table games.


The man is sitting outside on the park bench during his lunch break, he turns on his mobile phone to the Ruby Fortune login page. He begins to feel a thrill just knowing that in a minute he will be spinning the wheels of the exuberant and colorful slots. The game list appears and within minutes he is anxiously scrolling through the menu for the perfect game. The number of games is exciting until the player remembers that his favorite games are locked in under favorites. The Player quickly clicks on the favorite tag on his phone and the slot game he chooses begins to load. His heart begins to beat faster, his eyes open wider, his thoughts are racing when suddenly the game comes on. Bells and whistles are in the background making his have that feeling of excitement. The player can not wait to click the start button and watch the wheels roll round and round, hoping they will stop on the same graphic for the big win.

Ruby Introduction:

Every game on the Ruby Fortune site offers this same excitement for players. Winning big or just playing for free, players can get the same feeling. Gambling is one of the exciting things that people find out about. Not everyone plays for real cash. Some play for the thrill of playing and watching as the slot wheels turn. Ruby fortune has over 500 different games for players to choose their favorites from. They may like slots the best. With 300 plus slots, players will never become bored. Maybe someone prefers the table type games like roulette and blackjack. These games have been around a long time and will remain to be favorites of some of the high rollers. Simple games like video poker and bingo are also favorites and ready for people to use on break. Players must be 18 years old and older to play. Gambling is fun if people keep it in the correct context and monitor their play.

First Time Players/Deposit Match and Bonuses:

First-time players will open up the website to find a place to create a registration and login account. After they complete their login, they have the opportunity to open up their own cash account. Players deposit money into a bank account for real play. The casino accepts Mastercard and Visa securely. The Ruby casino will match any deposit dollar for dollar up to $150. The second time anyone deposits money, the casino will match the deposit by 50% and the third time the casino will match the deposit by 25%. The personal information given is encrypted for a secure gaming experience.

The Casino opened up for play in 2007 when it was fully licensed and given the green light. Bayton limited, part of the Palace group, is the license holder for the casino. Some of the favorite games of players are both colorful and graphic. The themes are catchy and dynamic. “Cash Splash” is a game of money.
“Fruit Fiesta” has colorful fruit that is on the wheels. Win the jackpot with “Lottaloot” and “Megamoolah”. Over 400 slots are on the site. The Casino floor is open to free play and betting. Players can go ahead and choose their game. Players compete against others as well on mobile devices.

Table Games:
Games such as blackjack, roulette, and bingo have been around for many years. Every casino seems to incorporate these theme games into their floor plan because they are so loved. Betting on the floor games takes skill but if players are mindful of their bet they will do great. Special offers and bonuses are available. Players can compete along with others by going mobile.

VIP and Promotions:

Promotions are available almost every day. New games and selling practices demand new promotions. Every time a new game is introduced, a promotion will follow. This entices others to want to try it out. Promotions are also available for people that spend a lot and come to the casino a lot. These promotions encourage people to continue to play. One of the favorite promotions is the progressive jackpots. Progressive continues to increase every time a player spends. Every time someone spins the jackpot increases. Eventually, someone wins the progressive bonus and the progressive starts right over for another winner.

Graphics and Themes:
All of the games have bright clear colors that pop. Karaoke party offers 5 reels with 3 blocks on each reel. This gives players 15 chances per spin to make a match. Girls on each block totaling one or more with colorful crazy attire. Music is awesome. Free spins and bonus rounds can be possible with the spin of the wheel.
Frozen diamonds puts the player in the center of the ice blocks with frozen letters and frozen gems. Players can get a wild and have a better chance at free spins or bonuses.
The basketball star is the sports slot for ball players. On the court or off they still, have to hit the spot for a win. Try to hit the basketball star blocks for a super win.
Happy Holidays is the game for people that love the holidays. Gather as many scatters plays as they can for a big win. Bonus hits with 3 or more hits in a row of the same graphics.
Pretty Kitties, Sheep, and dragons are some of the animal favorites. Wild Orient and Ninja magic make up some of the games of skill. Fruit games, animals, people, fishing, numbers, and letter games are all available in the choices of over 450 games.


The developer of the game took great pride in making a site that is user-friendly and capable of being loaded or opened on mobile devices as well as use any operating system. The interface is very easy to use. The simplistic design gives players choices that are available with one click. Gamers do not have to hunt for things because they are readily available. Players that are searching for games using HD graphics, click on games. If they are questioning their points or bank account, then they can go to banking. If they have any other questions that they can not find the answers to, the player can contact the 24/7 service center.

Ruby Fortune is proud of its system and welcomes player for a try. Players can play for free or start a bank. If anyone wishes to have a part of the winnings they can become one of the affiliates of the site. Remember, players are to log in and play fair, safe, and for fun!