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PrimeDice Overall Experience

If players arrive at PrimeDice with the expectation of the features of a Bitcoin casino, they are likely going to have a bad time. PrimeDice excels in its ability to comprehend that it provides one single service, the very famous dice game. The platform is very straightforward, and players can commence playing within just a few seconds. A player needs only to choose a username, and they are ready to go.

While the action is continuous on the site with wagers happening every minute, there remains a finite level of excitement, which comes with the dice site. Usually, this is straight connected to the number of Bitcoins a player can deposit. PrimeDice offers a substantially satisfying experience of Bitcoin dice, which is likely to hook a player in after some few wins.

Noticeably, a below stellar Bitcoin balance could place a damper on a player’s dice-playing experience. However, PrimeDice has incorporated a way to circumvent this with the inclusion of a Bitcoin faucet. When a player’s balance is zero, the player can get into the faucet and receive a small injection of numerous hundred Satoshi. While a player will only receive the coins from the faucet if their account is actually empty, the real trigger is how the faucet upgrades as a player’s level upgrades.

The more a player plays, the more, they can lose and will fall back to zero, and more they will earn when they head back to the PrimeDice’s faucet. This is a very significant move by PrimeDice to make sure there is an ever-growing play cycle at the site. Of course, there can be nothing such as free lunch, but a player receiving those Satoshi’s for ‘free’ when they have come up dry, is visibly a fun feature.

The Site additionally boasts of the lowest house edge, which is present in any Bitcoin wagering site. When a player is playing against the casino, they have the house edge at a fixed 1%, which is very low. However, when a player is playing against other gamblers, the house edge remains at 0%, which is the lowest ever of any casino according to the site. This unique feature ensures that players will continue gambling against each other willingly as well as maintain their high interest in the game.

An additional unusual perk from PrimeDice is that aside from players, earning affiliate commissions for the players the recommend to PrimeDice, they can also increase their earning by reporting bugs on the platform. According to the claims of PrimeDice, they firm has already paid over thirty Bitcoins in this concern, so it may be unclear the number of bugs, which are still out there, but it could be an ideal way for players to earn some money for spending on the dice.

PrimeDice Deposits and Withdrawals

PrimeDice is a platform that solely operates with Bitcoins. The maximum bet that a player can place on the site is 5 BTC, and 40 BTC remains to be the highest payout per every individual bet. Banking with PrimeDice works very easily and quickly. Making wagering deposits is instant and for withdrawals, they are processed and approved in just a few minutes. However, players must receive one confirmation for their deposit before they can make a withdrawal of any coins.

PrimeDice Promotions

PrimeDice provides its promotion in the form of the above-discussed faucet. While it may not be a lot of money, it assists players in possibly building up it up to a significant amount for free, or at the best, to test and learn how the bot operates before a player can risk more funds on it.

The bonus offered by PrimeDice primarily depends on the player’s level of the website. The more wagers players make, the more the bonuses. A first tier player may receive 0.0000002 BTC to their money box and this is enough for a player to try the game out and even make some money.

PrimeDice Mobile and Support

PrimeDice responds very well on smartphones. The platform is designed to be fully responsive and operational on any device. The platform’s playfield occupies the whole space and thereby it is easy to press the buttons even with the thumb.
Players can ask direct questions straight from PrimeDice’s website. They feature a convenient form, which allows a player to choose the reason for contacting the support and send a quick message to the customer agents. The player will instantly receive an email confirming that the support has received his question, and it will be answered shortly.

Tout ensemble, there is a lot for players to like about PrimeDice. The platform features a great personality – they have a joke among their FAQs – and it does nothing more than just strive to offer its simple service in the most efficient manner there is. There is only one game, which works seamlessly.