moneypot online


Moneypot can be thought of as a digital wallet capable of carrying bitcoins. To provide additional security to the website, a player needs to provide a two-factor authentication in addition to a username and password. If an unsuccessful login attempt is made, the site notifies the user if someone attempts to use their login. Moneypot even offers investment opportunities for those looking to keep their bitcoins online for the chance to gain more.

Players are able to access hundreds of games through Moneypot including traditional games like roulette, dice, and poker. There are also non-card casino games available for play like plinko and horseracing. Moneypot is a bitcoin web wallet that provides access to casino gaming. It is a secure way for you to keep enjoying all of the casino games you have grown to love. Players can keep their bitcoins in Moneypot where they can then be transferred to the casino of your choice. This way, players know the deposit is secure. A player has to authorize the casino gaming site they wish to play on so the site can access their bitcoins. There are 12 casinos available to access through the Moneypot site.

Moneypot features traditional games

Some of the most popular games accessed via Moneypot are Dust Lottery, Texas Hold’em, Blackjack, and the ancient Chinese game Sic Bo. There is a minesweeper type game called Sweepabit where a player clicks a tile to find out if it has bits or a bomb under the tile. The idea is to reveal as many tiles as possible without clicking on a bomb. Enjoy real world betting such as horse racing online by playing LuckyBit Micro. Try your hand at Keno, duck shooting, video poker, or even bet on a simple digital coin flip. Developers continue to create games using the Moneypot API and are encouraged to on the site. There is still plenty of room for developers to continue creating games and casinos that integrate with the platform.

How game developers feel about the platform

Moneypot uniquely encourages developers to create more games for the platform. Game developers are likely to respond by producing more games due to user demand. Users of Moneypot feel that the benefit of the software is the ability to move money quickly from their digital wallet to an online casino. Players feel more secure by having their payment information in one location instead of entering the information into multiple online casinos in order to play games.

Currently many of the games are quite basic such as duck shooting, coin flip, and keno. Moneypot allows you to create a custom game using their dice API. The site encourages you to use the Moneypot technology to create your own game or casino gaming environment. Moneypot allows developers to connect to the websocket chat API in order to create their own chat box on their online casino. Developers can even allow players to try out their casino for free using the Moneypot faucet API.

The current state of graphics on Moneypot

The graphics on many of the games are relatively simple. When it comes to the games accessed through Moneypot the graphics are quite basic. There are only a few 3D games currently available. The 3D games currently offered are 8-bit 3D role playing games. There is still much to do to improve the current state of the graphics on the games offered through this platform.

Promotions and bonuses is a casino that allows you to access Moneypot games. The casino offers real world prizes by entering one of the raffles they regularly have that qualify a player for a lottery. The grand prize lottery could be a Las Vegas hotel stay or something of a similar caliber. There are bonus payouts for the different levels of Silver VIP, Gold VIP, and Platinum VIP. The levels pay bonuses of 1000, 2000, and 3000 bitcoins.

Mobile casino and live game availability

All of the online casinos that use Moneypot’s system to display games on their site are technically mobile. A player can visit the mobile casino by accessing the site on their phone or tablet. The games are always available 24/7 unlike brick and mortar casinos which may have a closing time.

Overall impression of the MOBILE casino itself

Moneypot provides an excellent opportunity to add a live mobile casino to nearly any website. All a developer has to do is select one of the scripts that Moneypot offers to add live gaming. The system is unique because it encourages users to keep their money in one safe online wallet instead of adding their personal information to every online casino. This innovative online wallet is becoming more favored by users and developers even though it doesn’t offer the most visually stunning graphics.