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Lucky Nugget Casino

The Lucky Nugget Online Casino was established in 1998. This casino is a member of the Palace group and it is being taken care of by Bayton Ltd. The casino experience is unique because people can play with other players online on their mobile device. It is compatible with the apple operating system. Android operating systems and windows operating systems both work nicely with this casino as well. The Casino has over 400 games. Since its beginning, the Lucky Nugget Casino has paid winners prizes and bonuses to amount to Millions. The Lucky Nugget online casino recognizes responsible gaming and has a very secure connection for anyone to be able to use their Mastercard or Visa to play. It is also a member of the Interactive gaming council and Ecommerce eCogra.

Most Popular Game Selections:

Click fun at the Lucky Nugget is free. Anyone can play their favorite spinners and games without risking any of their money. The games have been created to give gamers the best in online fun and play. Powered by Microgaming, the casino games offer some of the biggest and best in popular names. Some of the more popular games are listed on the Casino games menu. Popular titles such as Thunderstruck II, Immortal Romance, Belle Rock, Mega Moolah Progressive, and Tomb Raider to mention a few. There are over 400 games on the mobile casino and people can play them anywhere anytime of the day.

Slot Machines:

Slot machines make up a majority of the gaming industry. On the bottom of the page, individuals can see how many people are winning each day. They can follow the online jackpot totals. To play these games each person will need to download the software, click run software so they can get it downloaded quicker. At the end, they will see the button to press. They will press it to accept the install and registration option. This will cause the games to download onto any mobile device or android operating system. After a few minutes, the games will be ready to play. People can play for real cash by installing and adding cash tokens. They will need to make sure to set up an account so they are able to earn points and coins to collect at the end.

Spinners come in 3 reels and 5 reel rollers. These spinners show a winner roll by stopping on three or more consecutive items that are the same. Spinners are very exciting and gamers love the action of watching the items roll around and around until they stop. Bonus items are available with specific slot games. Those games have bonus rounds and special offers for the players when they hit 3 or more items that are alike. These slot games share hours of nonstop fun and excitement.

Table games are ready for players to jump into the action with their substantial bets. Each player can start the game at any time and click cast their bets on any mobile device. Table games have long been a favorite among people in other casinos. Roulette has been around for many years. The cowboys spun the roulette wheel in the saloons in the wild wild west. Card games are very popular as well. These games are very easy to jump into and very easy to win at. Black Jack and video poker make up two of the most interesting and popular card games on the Lucky Nugget Casino Website.

Promotions and Bonuses:

New players can choose a bonus of $1000 in free play or $200 in cash. Players have the opportunity to win prizes while playing each day. A sign-up bonus will help them to play on the very first day. Each day the new bonuses and special offers appear on the screen. Each day players have the opportunity to win a special bonus or special offers just for logging on.

Graphics and Themes:

Colorful and bright selections of graphics make up the games on the Lucky Nugget Online Casino. These games keep a player’s attention with bright colors and unique sounds. The bells and whistles make the game exciting each time they hit a lucky roll. Graphics and themes match the games completely. There are apples and oranges, cars and trucks, animals and catchers, and wild card games. Beautiful girls and muscle bound men are on the screens. Microgaming has created their games in such great detail.

Mermaids and fish, animated or not, they all appear on the screens of the rolling reels when the players choose the 3 and 5 wheel spinners slots. The card games are real. You players can bet or pass. Each player can take a chance on the push of the button. The spinner stops and hopefully the player will hit more than 3 of a kind for big wins.

The Lucky Nugget Online Casino gives players the ability to play live against other players. Each person can download the casino on their mobile devices. They can play while at school break, or on their lunch hour. Overall these games are easy to play. The casino is easy to understand and simple to navigate. Players make selections and click to go. Before they know it, they will be rolling in the dough live. Players must be 18 years of age and able to download applications. Anyone can have hours of fun with this casino live or in the privacy of their own home.

To play, a player logs into the game board. They will choose from the online casino game names. Each person has a choice and can choose from slot machines, online blackjack, and online roulette. They will feel as if they stepped into the real live casino when they play these games live against other people. Each person logging on will have the added security of knowing their login information is secure.

Live support is available if a player has any questions about a game or how to collect their winnings. Anyone can set up their own account and it is easy. Creating a login name and a password to use each time they log in will secure their games. Players can make their deposit and pick their game. It is that simple. They can turn on and enjoy. Players need to make sure to cruise around on the casino floor and check out other games and adventures. Players need to use the free try to give them all a try.

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