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Lucky Ace Casino

Online gamblers seem to love the amount of choices they have when visiting Lucky Ace Casino. It has numerous types of games and amounts of games. For example, on the main screen alone, there are five categories.

First is the featured category. This contains a whopping twenty games that you can get started playing for free. It represents something popular from each of their game types. Amateur online gamers and those who have gambled on the net for a long time will both love the variety found in just the featured section alone.

Then there is the slots category. Slots are one of those classic gambling types that everyone enjoys. They are easy to play, enticing with their visuals, and you can easily find a slot game that is exactly your personality. Of course, when you line up the right sequence of tiles, blocks or whatever the specific slot game provides, you can win big payoffs. The great part about slots is that usually they don’t cost a lot for one spin. And Lucky Ace Casino has a wealth of options for slot lovers.

Lucky Ace has over 290 games available in their slot category. That means if you played five days a week for every week of the year, you still might not even play through them all. It’s truly cyber gambling fantasy with so much variety that any internet user can get pleasure from.

One of the most thrilling parts of online casinos are the jackpots. These types of games offer anyone the chance to win amounts of money that could change their life. And the best part is, you could win them at any time. Lucky Ace Casino doesn’t scrimp when it comes to providing a huge amount of jackpots, giving out potential millions in prizes. The number of jackpots available, by game type alone, is in the double digits.

There’s nothing like scratch games, mimicking lottery tickets, for that quick and instant thrill. Online casino players never know what they’re going to get, and it’s the best form of luck and number guessing in existence. You could always win big if the scratch works out right. And players have eight exciting and different scratch games to choose from at Lucky Ace.

One of the most important aspect of an online casino for many net gamblers is the availability of live games to play. There is just something that cannot be beat about playing in real time with other human players anywhere in the world. Not only is it exciting and challenging, but the payoffs are great. That’s why Lucky Ace Casino offers dozens of different live games available at all times to you.

And of course, there are the mobile games. Mobile devices have taken over the world. Everyone seems to have one in their pocket. And mobile gamers love being able to play casinos online at any time. Thankfully, Lucky Ace Casino realizes how much you love mobile games. They offer an incredible 300+ mobile casino games for you to enjoy. That’s more than most casinos have on their entire site.

Every great casino website has attractive bonuses. At Lucky Ace, they offer a 100% welcome bonus. Players who join up can get up to $200 of free money just for being new to the platform. But what if you’re a repeat player, and you are a veteran on the site? You’re in luck, because there are tons of promotions for ongoing players on virtually every day.

Monday Madness is a promotion where you deposit your new money on Monday and they’ll match you, effectively doubling your money up to $50. Tuesday is the perfect day for those who love surprises, as it is the Weekly Surprise day. You never know what you’re going to get, but the more you deposit the higher your chances of winning a prize are. And for those who love getting something for nothing, there are Free Spins every Wednesday, in which Lucky Ace features a game of the day and gives you spins on the house. Or maybe you’re the King or Queen of cash. On Thursday is your day to deposit, which gets you 10% cash back on your money guaranteed.

On weekends, they offer live dealer cashback. That means you can experience playing with a live dealer on blackjack (already an amazing experience) and still get 25% of your cash back. The weekends also usher in the “Spin the Slots” special. If you win a slot on Saturday or Sunday you won’t just get your prize, you’ll also get a bonus 20 spins for free on top of it. Finally, if all of the above bonuses weren’t enough, there is a weekend race for the competitive pros out there who love a challenge. If you are one of the first three players to receive $100 then you’ll get a big prize to go with it!

Popular games and titles have a range of graphics and themes to enjoy. For example, Lara Croft Tomb Raider allows you to enter the world of an explorer who uncovers hidden secrets deep within ancient temples in remote lands. And games like Mega Money Rush have high flying antics and “pixel” style graphics for lovers of old school visuals. Or maybe you’re a fan of the tropical Hawaiian theme. In that case, you’ll surely love Aloha!, which features surfboards, sunny beaches, and tiki statues for a chill coastal vibe.

Clearly the game developers that work on these games at Lucky Ace Casino know what they are doing. With numerous options, amazing gameplay, sharp graphics, and great payouts, this online gambling casino is a paradise for gamers. Of course, you can access their customer hotline anytime 24/7 in addition to playing at any second.

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