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Jackpot Paradise Casino

The Jackpot Paradise Casino is an online casino that is operated by Progress Play, a company that works with the developers of online casinos to ensure that they have the best of everything when it comes to their online casinos. The casino is dedicated to serving their clients and they work toward total client satisfaction whether players win or lose.

There are many features that are included with the Jackpot Paradise Casino that allow players to feel like they are in a brick-and-mortar casino. It is less like online play and more like the atmosphere of a traditional casino.

Jackpot Paradise has been in operation since 2012 and has continuously worked to ensure that all of their clients’ gambling needs are met no matter what type of games they enjoy. Clients are able to gamble in an environment that is comfortable, safe and fair. As part of their commitment to the absolute satisfaction of all of their clients, Jackpot Paradise has added over 1,000 games to their available game play. These include slot games as well as table games to suit the needs of any player.

Live dealer games that are offered at The Jackpot Paradise Casino include blackjack, roulette and baccarat. Each of these games are offered at different times while players are on the website. Another aspect of the casino that shows off their commitment to their clients is that the games are available in both multi-player and single-player platforms. People who enjoy playing any of the above games in a single-player setting will be able to do so while people who are looking for a more authentic experience will be able to do so in the multi-player functions that are available on the casino.

While it may be nearly impossible to perfectly mimic the traditional casino environment, The Jackpot Paradise Casino is able to provide its players with the closest-to-real-deal experience that is available on the Internet. The table games are high-quality, the competition is fair and players do not even need to leave their home to be able to participate in the games.

The site is best for players who have chosen to pay to play, but it does offer some free play opportunities for those players who wish to get a better understanding of the game before they make a monetary commitment.

All table games that are offered at The Jackpot Paradise Casino are done in a live-gaming setting and are intended for players who wish to have the authentic live experience.

The Jackpot Paradise Casino has slot games that are tailored for people who like to play specialty games. Many of the games are themed and similar to what players could expect to find while they are in a traditional casino. There are many arcade-themed slot machines, retro slot machines, and even games that are dedicated to music powerhouses like the Jimi Hendrix casino game.

Whether players are interested in playing slot machines that take them back to their Irish roots, ones that have flying pigs and birds, or ones that feature their favorite themes from their favorite decade, they will be able to find something that suits their needs in the hundreds of slot games that are offered by The Jackpot Paradise Casino. The options for slot machine players are nearly endless and each game has different features that will allow players the opportunity to get the big winnings. Many of the games have higher-than-average jackpots.

Players are given the chance to enjoy their favorite slot machines without having to navigate the smoke-filled, narrow pathways that are commonly found in the more traditional casinos.

As is customary, The Jackpot Paradise Casino offers the players the chance to win extra on all of their earnings. The welcome package allows clients the opportunity to double their winnings up to 800 dollars depending on how much each of their deposits were. No matter what the player has earned on the games, the casino will match it allowing the earnings to be double what they would have been. This is always a promotion.

Some other special offers that The Jackpot Paradise Casino has include Monday Madness, weekly surprise bonuses, and cash back Thursday. The casino has a game of the day that they feature each day of the week. Earnings are multiplied depending on the amount that was played and the chosen game of the day. Players are able to multiply their bonuses when they play on Mondays, Thursdays, and even when they go back to their favorite era to play the most popular games of the time period.

Being a VIP at The Jackpot Paradise Casino pays. Even for the lowest level of VIP, bronze, players are able to have access to the exclusive VIP gaming experiences as well as exclusive customer service. The limits for points converted to cash increase the higher a player gets on the VIP scale with the highest being a diamond VIP with 30,000 points converted. Some other benefits that come with being a VIP include birthday presents on players’ actual birthday, anniversary gifts on the day that they signed up with The Jackpot Paradise Casino, and Personalized gifts that are made with the player in mind. The VIP experience at the Jackpot Paradise Casino not only rivals the VIP programs that are offered at traditional casinos, it far exceeds them.

The casino is one where players can come to enjoy some games and relaxation time without ever having to leave their front door. It is a great place for people to feel safe, comfortable, and to know that they will be in the most fair environment possible. The rewards and payouts are as good as, and even better than, the rewards that would come from a traditional casino and provide players with the ultimate experience. The Jackpot Paradise Casino is a great place for players who want to play slots, table games and live dealer games without ever having to leave the comfort and the safety of their own home.

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