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Fun Cryptogames

You can get started online without setting up an account or depositing your Bitcoin (BTC), LTC, or DOGE on the platform. There is no registration required. The main benefits of playing on this casino site is that there are great odds of winning big (high payouts), small house edge, instant bet verification, and you can bet for as low as 100 satoshi (which is measured in BTC).

There are five different games available to play on Fun Cryptogames, so there is an option for everybody. The types of games range from typical table games, to slots, to more classic casino gambling games. The statistics seem impressive, with over 49,800,000 bets placed, 20,500,000 bets won, 15,000 BTC wagered, and 14,000 BTC won.

The developers work hard to ensure that each game has high framerates, realistic textures, exciting sound quality, and animation that you won’t find anywhere else. Also, the security on the platform is excellent. And the company is easily reached on social media via Facebook and Twitter. If you have feedback or questions, you can simply message their support team anytime.

A popular title is Tropical Dream Slots. It has all the classic features you would expect from a great slots game. It was five columns and three rows, with the ability to spin or auto spin. The theme is tropical, as the name would suggest. Some of the symbols are drinks with umbrellas, others are bikini ladies, and even more are coconuts to round out the theme. Your betting options are minimum, 2x, or maximum. Finally, you can change the number of lines for added control.

Stellar Slots is another title that gets a lot of playing time the site. It features a futuristic space theme, with a signature green alien as the mascot. The tiles range from pictures of satellites, to rocket ships, to planets, astronauts, and aliens.

For those who love simplicity, there is always the dice game. You only need to make a small amount of decisions. You pick a bet amount (in Bitcoin), then you have a set payout, win chance, and win amount. All you need to do is pick high or low, and you’ll win if your guess is right. You can do manual or auto for further customization.

Minesweeper is a different game and theme than you’ll typically find on other online gaming websites. You have to use your mouse to make a variety of guesses about whether you think the tiles are bombs, flags, or empty. It is set on an island, complete with sand, a little red crab, and palm trees abound. You select the field size (smaller has a lower payout, while a bigger field pays more) and you’re ready to go.

An online gambling platform wouldn’t be complete without the classic 777 slots. And Fun Cryptogames doesn’t disappoint. The graphics are retro and the sound effects are engaging, just like you would expect. The other controls work just like a solid slots game needs to.

For those players who like to push their luck, there is always the Wheel of Fortune. It takes the concept of Roulette and adds a twist. There are 17 parts of the wheel. All you need to do is pick the number you think the wheel will stop on, then spin and see if you can win big. It’s a great rendition of a pure chance setup.

One of the most impressive parts about this site is the promotions and bonuses. Some sites are stingy when it comes to rewarding players for joining up and for returning, but this casino clearly cares about making players happy. There is a first deposit bonus, where you get in 120% of your deposit on the first time. For example, if you deposit 1 BTC, you would receive an extra 1.2 BTC on top of your deposit for free. It’s the largest promotion of the casino. To get it, you simply set your email address on their settings page, deposit BTC, DOGE, or LTC, don’t make additional transactions until they confirm your deposit, and click on a button to claim your bonus.

The casino continues to reward you, however. If you deposit for a second time, you get a 50% bonus, so you receive half of what you put down back in the form of free money to bet with. The requirements are the same in terms of needing to set up an email address and everything else that the first bonus requires. It’s one of the ways the casino promotes loyalty with its users, it appears.

Finally, there is a reload bonus, which you will get no matter what when you continue to deposit money after the second time. You will need to have your email confirmed, make your deposit, wait until the confirmation, then claim your bonus. It doesn’t automatically get deposited, so be aware of that.

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