Energy Casino

Energy Casino is one of a group of online casinos that was released by a company that also makes land-based games. This means that it has all the options and features that a normal online casino has, but a few extra things as well. The Casino is released by NetEnt and has been providing its players with a world-class gaming experience with great results in just the short time that it has existed.

The casino is available downloadable and browser-based formats for players to enjoy the experience. The browser version of the game does provide the players with a more instant way to get in the game and play. There are some things that the downloadable version has that the online version of the game doesn’t, this is namely more games and better graphics. It is a little easier to run this software off of a hard drive than with flash, after all. Both ways of playing will still provide players with hours of enjoyment and some great payouts if they “play their cards right”.


Energy Casino prides itself on the security measures that it takes to make sure that its players have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their financial transactions in the game are all safe. This is true whether the player is making a deposit or withdrawal. They have some of the best encryption software in the world and are using it to protect their players and their funds.

It is also important to know that all player’s funds are placed in a “ring-fenced” account at the casino. This means that the casino can only use the money for deposits and withdrawals. This prevents the casino from using the funds in any untoward way.


There is not a form of payment that this casino will not take to help its players complete their transactions. Every casino takes all traditional forms of payment from its players. This one also will take payment from any eWallet account that a person may have. Players enjoy them as a safe way to send and receive money.

It is important to know that players that use eWallets will experience quicker transaction times than those that use more traditional forms of payment like debit and credit cards. Debit and credit cards typically take around 3-5 business days to complete the transaction. Players that use e-Wallets usually see their financial transactions go through in just one business day. This is another reason players select to use eWallet services when playing online. Those players that would like to make deposits via wire transfer can do so.

Table Games

Table games have become much easier to develop and release and are know slowly becoming almost as popular as slot machines.

They don’t typically pay out at the rate that slot machines do, but some players prefer them because they have more control over what goes on in the game as opposed to the gameplay when they are playing on an online slot machine. Energy Casino has a ton of options available when it comes to table games. The most popular are probably blackjack. There are seven different versions of blackjack available at Energy Casino.

There are plenty of other table gaming options at this casino. Those that enjoy games like baccarat, roulette, or craps can spend hours being entertained at Energy Casino. There are also multiple versions of poker. For players that like video poker, there are over 20 different version of that game.


As mentioned, online slot machines are the most popular way to gamble online. People have been playing on slots since the dawn of the internet. Players like them because of the chance to hit the big jackpot on a progressive slot. They also like that slots typically pay out at a higher rate than online table games.

Energy Casino has hundreds of different slot machines available to players. The casino is owned by a land-based gaming company. This means that there are 145 different slot machines at the casino that can only be found otherwise in a land based casino and not other online casinos.

There is something for everyone when it comes to slot machines at this casino. They have more traditional games with just three reels and one pay line. Some people find these games to be boring. That’s why game developers have also developed slots that are filled with bonus games and other fun ways to increase payouts. You could spend hours at the casino trying out slot machines and never get bored or play the same game twice.

Promotions and VIP

Energy Casino is always trying their best to reward players that are loyal to the online casino. VIP members will have access to special deposit bonuses, online tournaments, and other offers than regular players won’t have. The casino also likes to reward players that are new to the game. They usually do this by 100% matching a player’s first deposit until it reaches a certain amount that is always changing. Interested players should check the website to see if they want to take advantage of the newest promotion that is being offered.

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