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Challenge Casino

Challenge Casino is an online casino that makes available games that were developed by the software company, Microgaming. It has quickly become one of the fastest growing online casinos that also has online slot machines that are found in land-based casinos. This is because the software is licensed to a company that also owns land-based casinos. The online casino and the gaming software is owned by Casino Rewards Group. CRG is one of the biggest companies in online gaming. The company owns 35 online gaming sites in total.

Wagers can be made on the game in two different manners. There the instant, browser-based version of the game that is a little easier to access. There is also the downloadable version of the game. Players can bet in both versions of the game. It is important to note that the downloadable version of the casino has more games available to players by a rather sizable margin. The website does have instant access. They are both extremely easy to learn how to use and play on.


When it comes to transactions, there is literally no form of payment that the casino doesn’t take. Many people prefer to use more traditional forms of payment like credit and debit cards to perform their online deposits and withdrawals at the casino. There is a growing number of people that are using eWallet applications to move their money around online. There is a number of them and Challenge Casino takes all of them.

When players are deciding which form of payment that they should use they should know that eWallet transactions are much quicker than more traditional forms of payment. The average eWallet transaction takes just one day to go through. Transactions that are done via credit or debit card generally take around 3-5 business days to complete. There are also some players that prefer to make deposits to the casino via wire transfer. They will be able to do so.


Players shouldn’t be concerned when it comes to the safety of the financial transactions that are made at Challenge Casino. They have taken every step to ensure that every transaction they make is safe. Some casinos have been caught in the past using the funds that are given to them in deposits in an unethical manner. At Challenge, players money is placed in a protected account where it can only be used for deposits and payouts. Money is safe and used properly at Challenge Casino. They also use some of the best encryption software available in the free world to protect their client’s information.

Customer Service

For some players, the relationship between them and the casino is the most important aspect of the gaming experience. This is why Challenge Casino has a dedicated customer service department that can tend to the needs of any customer. The company has a vast and informative frequently asked questions section where new players can get information and learn about gameplay. There are also customer service representatives available at all times for players that are having issues that can’t be solved in the FAQ section.

Table Games

Challenge Casino has table games in droves. They are growing in popularity as they become easier to make. Players are all realizing that they have a little more control over the gameplay when it comes to table games. This is especially true with card games. The most popular card game in online gaming is generally considered to blackjack. Challenge Casino has 10 different versions of this game and are adding more all of the time.

They also have mnay other popular table games like roulette and craps. For fans of bingo, you can find that at the casino. One of hte premier games that peopel like to play at this online casino is defintely video poker. There are over 20 different versions of this game at Challenge Casino. In summary, it’s almost impossibe to get bored at Challenge Casino if you are a fan of table games.

Online Slot Machines

Online slot machines are the most popular way for online gamblers to spend their time. This is becasue online slot machines have the highest payout ratio of any online casino game. There are literally hundreds of different slot machines available at the Challenge Casino website. There are even more available in the downloadable version.

One of the cool things about this particular casino is that it gives players to more slots than almost any other because of its relationship with land-based casino companies. They have some of the best land-based slot machine classics in history at the game. This is what has attracted so many people to download the casino game.

There is something for everyone when it comes to online slot machines at Challenge Casino. Fans of more traditional and simple slot machines can enjoy those. Enthusiasts of slot machines with a lot of bonus games and different ways to increase payouts can find a huge amount of those as well. There is something for everyone at this online casino when it comes to slots.


The casino is also constantly running promotions to help its new players and its VIP members out on their quest for a big jackpot. They match each of a player’s first three deposits in increasing amounts. The first one is matched at 25%, the second at 50%, and the third is matched at 100%. Each of these matches does have maximum amount that it will match.

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