Casino Luck

Casino Luck is yet another great piece of software in the long line of online casinos that are powered by gaming software created by the company Microgaming. It has been one of the most highly rated online casinos ever since it first opened its doors (virtually) in the early 2000s. The casino’s popularity stems from a couple different things. The first is the fact that it offers so many games. Pretty much every single online casino game created by Microgaming is available at Casino Luck.

The casino ran under the same management since it was first released in 1999. This is until it switched software in 2011. The game is available to players in both online and downloadable. Each different style has its benefits. The main benefit of the browser-based version is that is much quicker to play because of its instant format. The downloadable version does run a little smoother since it is not operating in flash. The graphics in any downloadable casino are going to run a little smoother and slicker. The downloadable version of the game also has a bigger option of games to play.


Casino Luck has some of the best encryption software available on the market when it comes to protecting people’s transactions. They ensure that you can make deposits safely and securely without anyone outside of the transactions having access to your private information. On top of that, the company goes to great lengths to ensure that the funds of their customer’s that they do have are used appropriately. All the funds that come from deposits are kept in a separate and protected account that the company can only use for deposits and withdrawals. This is the most ethical way to do this.

Deposits and Withdrawals

This particular online casino takes just about any form of payment imaginable from players. All casinos take the more common forms of payment like credit cards and debit cards. This particular even casino will even take a wire transfer if that is how a certain player prefers to make their deposits.

Casino Luck also takes new forms of payment. One of the most popular of these for online casino gamers to use is eWallet applications. There is a multitude of these different applications available to users on the internet. Before using one, a player should be sure that they are safe and secure to use. It is important to note that eWallet transactions do process much more quickly than credit cards or debit cards. eWAllet transactions usually take only 1 business day while bank transactions take 3 to 5 business days to complete.

Table Games

Table games are one of the most popular ways to people play games at Casino Luck. They are becoming more and more popular compared to their main counterpart, online slot machines. The technology for this form of gaming has improved greatly in recent years. Many players also prefer table games because they have more control over the action and the strategy in the game.

The most popular table game on Casino Luck is definitely blackjack. This is true for just about any online casino. Everyone likes to try their luck at the deck. Fans of blackjack can stay perpetually entertained by the game because of the myriad of different options that the casino offers its players when it comes to the game. The downloadable version of the game has 11 different versions of blackjack. The casino has great versions of many other different table games as well like roulette and craps.

Video Poker

There are over 20 different video poker games available on Casino Luck. Players that love video poker can take advantage of the huge amount of different games powered by Microgaming software. Fans of video poker will never be bored.

Online Slots

Online slot machines are certainly the most popular way to gamble online. This is because they typically have the highest payout ratio of any form of online gaming. One of the best reasons to play online slots at Casino Luck is the fact that it has licensing for just about any online slot made by Microgaming. They also have the license for many online slots that are modeled after land-based slots.

Whether it’s a 1-reel, 1 payout game or 5-reel, 3 payout game, there is an online slot machine availalbe to just about any online gamer. Just like food, people have different tastes when it comes to slot machines. This partcular casino has everything including very ornate casino games with tons of bonus games and wild cards to increase the payouts.

Comp Point Program

The online casino does a great job of rewarding players that play at the casino on a regular basis through their comp point program. This program gives each player a certain amount of comp points for each bet thtat they make. The player can acrue those points for as long as they like until they are ready to cash them in. They can then cash those points in for cash to add to their bank


Casino Luck is also constantly running different promotions to attract and benefit new players. The most common promotion is the deposit bonus. The main sign up bonus is a 150% match of the original deposit made by the player. The deposit bonus is 100% for games for most table and video poker games. There’s is also a 50% bonus that appears on a monthly bonus for players that are paying attention.

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