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Buck & Butler

Buck & Butler can best be described as a Nordic style casino that offers a plethora of casino style games to virtually anyone with internet access. The website offers a wide variety of themed- games, just as a normal casino would. Additionally, the website offers many types of games including classics, slot machines, video poker, table games, and other styled games.

Unlike other online casinos, Buck & Butler offers a wide variety of additional features including mobile casino games, live games, and a generous set of constant bonuses for its users. If that wasn’t enough, the creators of Buck & Butler offer live, one-on-one chat specialist butlers to answer any and all questions regarding their games, terms, bonuses, and rewards offered within their website.

Slot Machines

As briefly touched on above, Buck & Butler have a wide variety of online slot games for users to enjoy. Currently, the website offers nearly 50 different slot machine games which all have their own unique styles, themes, graphics, and audio tracks.

The games themselves have been professionally crafted, offering an easy to play game style, sharp graphics, high quality sound effects and audio tracks, and a generous amount of bonuses and rewards which allow the user to earn a considerable amount of money.

No matter what type of computer you use, the games remain sharp to the eye and clear to the ear. Even on a low-end computer, the games load exceptionally quickly and can be played fluidly without any lag or pause throughout the entire gaming experience.

Video Poker

The online casino Buck & Butler also offers a wide variety of video poker styled games. Just like a regular casino visitor would experience, the online video poker games contain crystal-clear graphics, same, familiar game styles, clear and enticing music, and a potential to earn a large amount of money. Fashioned in a minimalistic style, these online video poker games can be easily played by selecting one of the few in game buttons.

User has the ability to play on a plethora of betting levels, ranging from €0.10 per bat all the way to €5.00 per bet.

Table Games

If the user finds that he or she is more of a table game player, Buck & Butler have the perfect assortment of games for them. Currently, the website offers a number of online blackjack games that each have their own theme, style, and design. As with all the other online casino games found on the Buck & Butler website, the online blackjack games load exceptionally quick, are easy to play via their computer, and offer the same experience as one would find if one were within a casino. It should be noted that experienced table game enthusiasts will immediately feel the familiarity with these online table games.

Mobile Online Casino Games

One thing that separates Buck & Butler from many of the other online casinos and physical casino locations are their wide variety of mobile casino games. Due to the fact that many cell phones are not able to load online casino games, Buck & Butler has officially created a section of its casino dedicated to mobile gamblers.

A user simply loads up the website, navigates to the mobile game section, and dives right in. Even though a user is playing from their mobile device, they can still experience the exciting and rewarding experiences of a traditional casino.

By specifically offering mobile games on their website. Buck & Butler have officially mastered the optimal online gaming experience and make it enjoyable for one to play their preferred casino games on their mobile device, no matter where they are. The games themselves have been fashioned such a way that the user can easily find the mobile game section, select their preferred game, and immediately start playing without having to deal with the hassles of resizing, panning, and even scrolling.

Current Offers

Currently, Buck & Butler is offering a €300 bonus along with 300 free spins for every new customer that signs up. The offer is divided up into three sections, based on the first three deposits one would add to their account. On their first deposit, Buck & Butler will match hundred percent up to €100 and will add 100 free spins on the game Starburst . On the second deposit, Buck & Butler will match 50% up to €100 and 100 more free spins on the game Starburst . Finally, on the third deposit, Buck & Butler will match an additional 50% up to €100 and add 100 more free spins towards the game Starburst.

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