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Playing online blackjack for bitcoins can be an exciting casino experience. It can also be a dangerous and unfair experience at the wrong casinos. Before all else there are some important things to know about how playing at land based casinos is different than when you play blackjack online. Read below for helpful tips on bitcoin blackjack or see our full list of Bitcoin Casino Reviews to play now. Updated 09/1/2017

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Playing Blackjack Online versus Offline

When playing offline at a land based casino players can count cards. How much a player can count will vary from one casino to the next and often from one table to the next. Deck penetration refers to the % of the deck that the dealer will deal out before reshuffling. The higher the deck penetration the better odds for the player. However most casinos these days will only go up to 50% penetration on single and double deck shoes. They will go much higher penetration with 6 and 8 deck shoes however most counters don’t believe in counting on 6 and 8 deck shoes.

When playing blackjack online in contrast, there is no counting because the deck gets shuffled after each hand dealt. For a skilled counter this is a disadvantage of playing online. However for skilled blackjack card counters, (speaking from experience here), we are used to dealing with additional levels of casino security and the consistently fair odds found online with no dealer hat tricks is a quite pleasant experience. From my experience, most high-end land based casinos have dealers known as mechanics. I like to call them “Magic Dealers” because these dealers are basically Magicians. They can change a 5 of clubs into an ace of diamonds (or whatever card they want it to be). I’ve tried to spot how they do it, and it usually does involve a distraction just like with a magic trick, however I’ve never actually seen the change. So really this is a personal theory, but after playing thousands of hours of blackjack in real life is a theory I believe in. So in short, advanced players can’t count cards online but the odds are going to remain consistent and fair which is a plus when compared to shady casino tricks I’ve faced in real life casinos.

How to Play Blackjack

Blackjack is a casino card game where both the player and dealer are each dealt 2 cards to start. The goal of blackjack is to get as close to 21 without going over. In order to win the player’s blackjack hand total must be higher than the dealer’s. If the player’s hand exceeds 21 this is called a “bust” and is an automatic loss of the amount wagered.

When the cards of dealt out the dealer only shows one card (one card faces down). Depending on what the player’s hand totals and the dealers up card is showing the player may choose to take another card. This is called a “hit”. The player may also choose to double down, split or stay. Some casinos also offer a “surrender” option where the player can voluntarily surrender half of their bet.

When the player’s first two cards are the same such as two Aces, the player can “split” their hand into two hands by placing a second wager equal to their original bet. The player is the dealt a second card for each of the 2 new hands. Basic blackjack strategy is to always split Aces and Eights. Players should never split 10’s or other face value cards. Jacks, Queens and Kings all have a value of 10.

When the player’s first two cards are an ace and a 10 value card this totals 21 on the deal and is called “blackjack”. Blackjack hands pay our at 3/2 the original bet. So if $20 was wagered then the player that got a blackjack will win $30. If the dealer also has a blackjack then this is a tie, otherwise known as a draw. The amount wagered is neither one or lost. If the dealer’s card facing up is showing an Ace the player may choose to take “even money” on their blackjack before the dealer checks their hole card to see if they also have blackjack. “Even money” bets pay as the name suggests, an amount equal to the player’s wager.

When the dealer’s up card is an ace the players at the table are offered an “Insurance” bet. Insurance bets can be placed on whether or not the dealer has a blackjack up to half of the player’s wagered amount. Insurance bets pay two-to-one and if the dealer does have blackjack the player does not loose any money when they place an insurance bet. If the dealer does not have blackjack the insurance bet is lost and the the game continues. Generally speaking, taking insurance is not recommended when playing blackjack as its a losing proposition most of the time.

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