Coinbase BitcoinImportant: Coinbase does now allow casino transactions. Do not use coinbase if you are playing casino games for bitcoins.

With that being said, for those interested in finding a reliable place to buy and sell Ethereum, Bitcoin, and various other digital assets should look closely at Coinbase. The company was founded in 2012 and is located in San Francisco, CA. The company has quickly risen to a position of prominence in the world of crypto-currency. In just four years, the company has grown to the point it regularly handles transactions in 30+ countries. With the popularity of crypto-currency on the ascendance, the company is only going to grow larger.

The company was launched through venture capital and the investment funds were put to good use. There have been over four million users of the Coinbase exchange. Considering the ease of using the platform, such a high number of users should not be unexpected.

The process of working with Coinbase is not very difficult. Things all start with the creation of a “digital currency wallet”. The wallet serves as virtual account which digital currency can be stored. Selecting the right platform is critical since the wallet positively must be secure. Since Coinbase is well-established, questions marks do not surround the security employed by the company. Offline storage is employed, which adds a significant added layer of security.

As soon as the digital currency wallet has been created, the member just has to transfer funds from a traditional account into the wallet. The traditional account can be a direct transfer from a bank or a credit or debit card may be used. Transferring money into the account should be done a little judiciously since there is going to be an exchange rate between currencies and Bitcoin and Ether.

Investors who wish to buy Bitcoin have an option of programming their acquisitions. Weekly and/or monthly buys can be scheduled in advance. Those who choose to procure Bitcoin for investment purposes should appreciate this feature.

Once the digital assets have been acquired, they can be used to make purchase on a global basis. Digital currency is growing immensely in popularity among the “tech minded” who realize such currency reflects the future. Currently, Coinbase is able to connect users with 33 supported countries. This alone expands the reach of the currency for those wishing to utilize it.

Accessing Coinbase through a mobile device is possible as an app can be downloaded to Android or iPhone. Of course, traditional web browser access is possible through the company’s website. The actual exchange is done in “real time” the minute a transaction is performed. No one has to worry about a long or laborious process of getting the currency exchanged or getting Bitcoin or Ether where the digitized currency needs to go.

One of the more interesting aspects of working with Coinbase is the company provides insurance protection to members. Coinbase has an insurance policy in place to protect against “theft or electronic compromise”. The presence of an active insurance policy should put a host of concerns at ease.

Coinbase is a very interesting company. Those hoping to buy, sell, or invest in digital currency may wish to visit its primary website.

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