Bither Bitcoin AppBither refers to itself as the “simple and secure” Bitcoin wallet. Anyone with an interest in trading in the digital crypto-currency, simple platforms that maintain a secure user experience are surely going to be appreciated. Both of these traits do take a lot of worry off the mind of someone who wants buy and sell with Bitcoin. Does Bither live up to what it promises? A closer look at the company reveals the answer.

First, Bither is an open-source program and anyone wishing to use it should understand this means the software is made “freely available”. Those with limited budgets or those who do not like to pay for access may find this a hugely positive attribute.

An outstanding feature with the Bither Wallet is real time Bitcoin market tracking is possible. Having the most up to date prices on Bitcoin allows for buying (or selling) Bitcoin at the perfect price. When the time comes in which the perfect Bitcoin price appears on the indicators, a transaction can be executed. No unnecessary steps are required to do this. The Bitcoin funds will then be safely stored on the online – hot – wallet.

As for where Bither software will be accepted, access is not limited. Windows, Android, and iPhone can all utilize this wallet. Interestingly, Bither is a HD wallet and HD is definitely a positive for a number of would-be users. HD means all the addresses associated with the wallet can be backed up via a single root key. The extensive backups makes situations easier to deal with in case a problem scenario arises.

As for the security, private keys helps decrease the potential for anyone to breach entry. A security check on private keys is also weaved into the software further adding layers of security. Non-technical or app/software savvy uses might not be familiar with how private keys work. Basically, they are encryption/decryption keys designed to keep unwanted third-parties out of the mix. Traders in Bitcoin surely do not want anyone other than the buyer and seller probing – or interfering with – transactions. They absolutely do not want to learn someone breached the wallet and absconded with funds. Higher password and security protection decreases the chances of such things from occurring.

A cold wallet option exists for even further protection. Cold wallets – also known as cold storage wallets – are intended to store Bitcoin offline. In doing so, hackers would have an extremely difficult time accessing the Bitcoin. The mere fact the item is stored offline means there is no internet connection present in which to facilitate the hack. Putting the cold wallet on an old, unused device adds to the security. As long as the device remains offline, then it stays cold. Automatic backup and recovery further add to the value of the cold wallet feature.

Bither is widely accessible, easy to use, and comes with appealing security features. These three things alone make Bither very appealing to those wishing to store their Bitcoin in a reliable wallet.

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