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Bet 365 Casino

Bet 365 Casino is one of those online casinos that hasn’t come and gone, Bet 365 simply arrived on the scene, found popularity and now finds itself as an established, successful and trusted online casino. Having been in operation for well over ten years now, Bet 365 simply continues to offer players the excitement, fun and experience they seek.

What sets Bet 365 apart is the multi-platform setup that they operate on. Having a multi-platform site simply enables Bet 365 the ability to support games designed by various gaming software companies. The largest and one of the best known companies that works with Bet 365 is Playtech, which the casino uses for downloads and instant play activities. Other notable gaming providers supported are, Genesis Gaming, WagerWorks Software and CORE Gaming and Scientific Games. This ability to support so many platforms only affords players a greater variety of games and experiences.

Table games are a standard feature of every casino, and Bet 365 is no different. There are the traditional games for the tried and true players like, Craps, Roulette and Hi-Lo or variations on old favorites such as Marvel Roulette. Even games such as 3 Card Brag are offered in the Table Games section of the Bet 365 Casino. Other classic games include, Blackjack (which is also offered in live action with dealer), Poker games and Bingo. For the avid poker fans, try the video poker section for a virtual-like experience that will certainly keep players coming back. Like every game at 365, player security is a maintained priority and encrypted software is used in protecting player information and transactions.

More than 250 slot games are offered in the Bet 365 full casino suite. With that many slot options there is a little something, or a lot of something for everyone. From traditional slots with all the familiar setups and play options to the newer slot games that have various free spin and bonus games and unique setup and play options, players can choose their favorite flavor. New slot games are always being introduced too, games like Jekyll and Hyde or Age of the Gods are just examples of some of the most recent slot games now available.

Many online casinos offer various bonus and promotional offers to draw players, but few online casinos offer promotions with the allure found in the Bet 365 offerings. The first of these promotions that new users will currently find is the 100% matching bonus, (max limits apply), just to get new players started on the right foot. Currently for regular members there is the ‘On The House’ bonus promotion. This bonus offers a 20% rebate on the total house take resulting from member play (see requirements). The Bet 365 Casino strives to give back to players, and enhance the casino experience, and uses bonuses and promotions to help accomplish that.

For more benefits and bonuses the VIP Rewards program is the ticket. The VIP Reward program is set up in a three tier scheme. Every new player will begin at the Bronze level and can work up to the Silver and Gold levels. These VIP levels offer such advantages as deposit match bonuses, special promotions and even invitations to special sporting events! When Bet 365 Casino says “VIP”, apparently they mean it.

Make sure to check out the ‘Comp Point Program’, which is designed to promote players and give back to players. These points are based primarily on wager amounts and the games played. Some games offer more points than others, so be certain to get familiar with this valuable program. Another feature that is worth noting are the player guides, for new or experienced players this tool shares tips and hints to becoming a better player for some of the most popular games.

There is also the mobile app available too for those players who are on the go and want to take the casino action and excitement with them.

The simple fact that this online casino has been operating for more than a decade, and has done so with great success and growth speaks volumes about the Bet 365 Casino. It may be the wide range of games, or the variety of games, or the quality of games and the ease of play that has contributed to this success, but whatever the reason there is a following for the Bet 365 Casino.

So for those who want to find out what the buzz has been all about, or just wanting to find a place that is sure to offer a casino experience that will exceed expectations – it is a safe “Bet” that there is a place at the table for you. Get comfortable and get ready, because the doors are always open and there is always a slot, game or table waiting here at Bet 365.