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Aztec Riches

Aztec Riches is one of the first online casinos to every open its doors on the internet. The site was first licensed in 1997. It added a huge number of different games to its library since that time. The casino was actually bought around 2011 by one of the biggest online casino companies in the industry, Casino Rewards. Casino Rewards owns 36 different casinos available on the internet. When Aztec Riches was bought by Casino Rewards they gained access to all of the licenses that the company had access to. This includes all of the games made by one of the most popular online gaming developers, Microgaming.

The game obviously has an Aztec feel. The main lobby of the casino and each of the games within in all have that look and feel. One thing that a lot of players like about this particular casino is the simplicity of the gameplay. The game doesn’t get bogged down by graphics or any kind of unnecessary animation. It is just focused on giving its players a great gaming experience.

Players can play at the casino in both the browser-based and the downloadable format. There are a few differences between the two versions. Some online gamers prefer to play the online version because you can access the casino instantly. The graphics are a little less ornate than the downloadable version of the game. Those that like a more immersive gameplay experience in terms of aesthetics will enjoy the downloadable version of the game. The downloadable casino also has much larger number of games in every category that the online casino.


Aztec Riches is at the head of the pack when it comes to the ease at which players can make deposits and take out withdrawals. The casino takes just about any form of payment imaginable for deposits. Many players choose to use more traditional forms of making deposits like credit and debit cards.

A growing number of gamers are choosing to use eWallet services for their banking needs. There are many different companies that offer this service. One of the most popular eWallet services is Skril. Many players prefer to use this service because it integrates so well with the online casino experience. It is also important to note the transactions that are done via eWallet are complete much more quickly than those done via traditional banking services. eWallet transactions take typically 1 business day. Credit and Debit transactions take usually 3-5 business days. Players can choose to make deposits via wire transfer.


When you play at Aztec Riches you know that your money and your personal information is safe. That is because the casino uses the most sophisticated encryption technology in the world to protect their player’s information. They also ensure their players that they won’t use the money that they have deposited unethically by keeping in a separate secure account. Completing transactions are equally safe in the downloadable and browser versions of the game.

Online Slots

Ever since they were released, players have been flocking to online casinos to take a spin at the online slots. They are certainly the most popular way for people to bet online. This is because online slots are easy to play. The only strategy that a person really needs to understand is betting strategy. The entire game is pretty much left up to chance. Online slots also have a higher payout ratio than video poker and table games.

The downloadable version of the casino literally has hundreds of different slot machines to choose from. Each of them has a different style of play, a different payout structure, and different numbers when it comes to wilds and scatter symbols. It is important to note that there the casino has all of the Microgaming releases. Aztec Riches also has many of the most popular slot machines for progressive jackpots.

Table Games

Table games are rapidly growing in popularity in the online gaming scene. They have recently become much easier to make and produce. The newer versions of table games are more fun than ever to play. Players love these games because they have a little bit more control over the game and the strategy than if they were playing a slot machine. Table games do have a little lower payout ratio than slot machines. There are still a lot of winnings to be had.

The casino has over 20 different versions of blackjack. This is the most popular card game that people play in online casinos. Gamers that are fans of 21 will never get bored in the Aztec Riches casino.

There are also a huge number of other table games available at the casino. Some of hte most popular are roulette and craps. Players that love playing bingo can find that there as well. There are over 20 different versions of video poker for those that enjoy that game as well.


The website is constantly running different promotions to help attract new players to the club and get them started on the right foot. Right now they are matching all players second deposit at 25%. The maximum amount that will be matched is $200.

The game also rewards those that play at the casino on a regular basis. They do this through their comp point program. Every time someone makes a bet they receive comp points. These comp points add up and can later be traded for cash to be added to the player’s bankroll for betting.

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