African Palace Casino

As the name of the casino suggests, African Palace Casino will give individuals the experience of an African safari without ever having to leave the house. This casino was officially opened to the public in 2004, the year that the gaming industry began to take off. As the online gaming industry is a competitive industry to become a part of, this casino has shown great talent in providing customers with a user-friendly site that includes various ways to make money in the process. With the software powered by Playtech, the quality of this online casino is the best quality there is with high-quality graphics and sound that is combined with interesting themes that will hook anyone to the game. This online casino offers both a multi-player version of the game in addition to a traditional version of playing the game. This means that individuals who play these games can have outside contact without ever having to leave the comfort of their home.

Table Games

When looking for variations of the traditional table games that offer both newer versions as well as the more classic version of the game, this is the casino to play with. With more traditional games such as Baccarat or even Blackjack, players can play without ever having to break the bank. Though these are games that are typically promoted for high rollers, all individuals can play these games with a certainty that a win is in store. All of the games that are offered are continuously updated and also include video poker options that make the game feel like a real game within a casino. The African Palace casino¬†is a pro at making the online casino look and feel like a real casino in the comfort of the player’s own home.


Though this game offers fewer slots than most, what is not given in quantity is made up in the quality of the provided games. With Playtech providing the software, the quality of each game is of the highest and includes interactive and interesting themes that pull the player right into playing the slots. With tropical themes as well as haunted themes, a player of the slots will never go bored with the combination of the many opportunities to gain free spins or even bonuses. The video slot options are of a particular favorite because it is more of an interactive feature. In addition to the slots, there are also options to play with scratch cards or even arcade games if the slots are of no interest to the player. All one has to do is play just one of these many offered high quality games in order to get hooked immediately.


The reason that this casino has been a competitive casino for the past 12 years is for the many promotions and the many opportunities to gain free spins and bonuses that increase the overall chances of earning more and more real-life cash. What this casino offers is a complete deposit match for the first four deposits that are made for this casino. This welcome bonus is in addition to the free signup that is guaranteed when looking to become a member of this online casino. For the first four deposits that are made, players have up to 200 percent of their original deposit matched by this casino. This means that most of the money that is initially spent, is the money of the casino. The African Palace casino wants the players of this casino to understand that they are not only spending money, but they are also guaranteed to make money.

VIP Rewards

To ensure that the loyal members of this casino are rewarded, there is a loyalty program involved that offers exclusive options and bonuses to each and every loyal member of this online casino. This casino wants every loyal member to feel as though they are the most valued player through some of the best entertainment benefits that are offered. Each player that is a member will feel like royalty while playing this game. The only way to win the VIP status is by playing with this casino. It is not about the money, but it is about the length of time that a member has shown loyalty to the casino. This casino offers a tiered VIP level system which slowly increases the VIP status from a cub to a lion. Just by playing this game for the first time, individuals can start earning points to be treated as a VIP member of the online casino.

Overall Summary

The African Palace, like the name of the casino is an online casino that offers an experience of adventure through many themed games and online interaction with over players. The African Palace casino has high-quality games that include the more traditional table games along with some newer slots that involves many video slots that enhance the interactive feature of the games. For players that are looking to experience a casino without having to leave the house, this is the perfect casino with countless earning opportunities. For those that like the look of this casino, remember that those who become a VIP member increase their chance of earning money and have exclusive benefits for remaining loyal. The signup process is not only free, but is also easy which includes countless welcome bonuses that increase the total earnings from the start of playing.

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